The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.

The Sweet Spotter is a Must – Chris

I was introduced to the Sweet Spotter by a very good friend. He explained the concept and I became interested in how it would work. Once acquiring the device, which was nicely presented in an easy to carry case, I decided to take it with me to our Tuesday Night Washington Golf and Tennis (ten after group as we refer to it) regularly scheduled doubles tennis match.

As we were warming up, I pulled it out and asked each of the other doubles players if they would like to try it. Some were more reluctant than others, but eventually, they all took a turn. Well, you can imagine the results. If they did not completely miss the ball it went in directions you could never imagine. After a very short time a couple of them began to slow down their swings and make good solid contact. Since that evening, I always have the Sweet Spotter Tuesday night because one of the doubles participants will ask, “did you bring that thing with you? I would like to try it again”. So their initial fear turned into curiosity and determination to improve. It really has made a difference in their swings.

As to me, the Sweet Spotter has improved my game in a number of ways. The most noticeable is the ability to place the ball where I want to instead of just returning what comes to me. I have greatly reduced the “Tea Time” tennis from my game. Tea Time tennis is when you hit the ball right back to the person who hit it to you. Especially aggravating when your partner does it to the person at the net! As a direct result of the added control you end up with a more predictable, powerful return.

I have also noticed that my elbow and wrist contribution to the swing have become more controlled and level with less movement in the stroke. It has definitely resulted in better control, power and the ability to put more “English” on returns.

Just as an aside, my golf swing has improved from the use of the Sweet Spotter. I do not know if it is the eye/hand coordination or just better control of the arm, elbow and wrist movements, but my “Spout Run Special” (slice) has been reduced to a predictable drive placement….in the fairway!

For someone looking for different ways to improve their racquet sport competitiveness, the Sweet Spotter is a must! I moved up in the flights this fall. Thanks Sweet Spotter.

– Chris
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