The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.

All Level Performers

The Sweet Spotter® was designed to enhance tennis for all players, at all levels. The Sweet Spotter® is right for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum!

John is seven years old with a slight learning disability. Before the Sweet Spotter® he struggled to make contact with the ball. After just five minutes with the Sweet Spotter® he was able to improve his swing to make contact in the O-Zone every time!
The Sweet Spotter® is perfect for beginners because it reinforces all the qualities they will need to master a perfect swing pattern! Our testers all displayed perfect swings within minutes, exhibiting great posture, balance, and solid contact every shot!
Most intermediate players have become consistent tennis players but have had time to develop bad habits due to poor training practices. With the Sweet Spotter® they can clean up the strokes that have given them trouble, and tweak technical flaws they couldn’t pinpoint before. My wife went from a 2.5 level to a 3.5 level in just weeks. With the Sweet Spotter® rapid improvement is guaranteed!
High School Players:
I coach at a high school and most of my students have used the Sweet Spotter®. The students had an exhilarating, exciting time, and I got to see improvements on the serves, groundies, power and accuracy in just one training session! The best part is, what they learned in that one session remains embedded in their technique today!
College Players and Semi-Professionals:
I had some top players try the Sweet Spotter® and they were able to increase their racket head acceleration and speed by up to 20 mph! They became more aggressive with their footwork and mastered their O-Zones in no time. They were hitting the biggest shots of their careers for longer than they ever could have before. They hit harder, better, and with more accuracy and penetration in just 15 minutes!
Former Professionals:
I had to try the Sweet Spotter® myself! I tested the Sweet Spotter® with some of my former touring friends, and the results were incredible! I added 20 mph to my serve, and my accuracy was improved significantly, with a double-fault percentage dropping to nearly zero. My friends were able to strike balls as hard as they used to in a matter of minutes. With the Sweet Spotter® our tennis glory days were back!
Developmental Disability:
Dan, my brother in law, has Down syndrome. He is the only player I have ever seen play a full-on rally with the Sweet Spotter®. He has a 7th sense – he can do things with the Sweet Spotter® that even I haven’t mastered!
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