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Training Regimen – Ray

I received my Sweet Spotter late yesterday afternoon and couldn’t wait to take it on the court. I had the opportunity to get out for a couple of hours and work with the tool today. Love it! Form and precision are absolutely necessary to hit a decent […]

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The Sweet Spotter is a Must – Chris

I was introduced to the Sweet Spotter by a very good friend. He explained the concept and I became interested in how it would work. Once acquiring the device, which was nicely presented in an easy to carry case, I decided to take it with me to […]

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Forces You to Follow Through – Vlad

I think it’s amazing man- I think it’s a genius idea. Especially for those guys, you know, who don’t have the transfer, the drive. On the backhand and on the forehand. Especially, you know, the weight is a little bit towards the head, so it forces them […]

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Wimbledon Juniors Champ

Marton Fucsovics, 2009 US Open junior boys doubles champion and 2010 Wimbledon boys singles champion stopped by DC to show his incredible skills that are certain to take him to the top. Watch two drills he practices with his coach Olivier Tauma on a regular basis to […]

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