The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.

Unique Design

Unique Design

Our unique design mimics the exact dimensions of the universal sweet spot. Its shape is designed to help you master the Ultimate Sweet Spot and strike the ball in the O-Zone every time, reinforcing the best qualities in your swing pattern.

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  1. I just received my 11oz sweet spotter. I asked two of my players to come in and try it. I’m at a small DIII school and coach women’s tennis. My #1 player had a very wristy volley. The first time she tried to do a forehand volley, she did her wristy movement and the ball bounced off the sweet spotter and hit her in the face. This offered the perfect opportunity to show her how she should punch through the ball to the target and not flip her wrist. I think she hit herself one more time and then adjusted to the correct stroke. When I put the real racquet back in her hand 10 minutes later, she had the most solid volleys I have ever seen her make. Can’t wait to get back into our season and try it on all the ladies on the team. Thanks.
    Where can I find the demonstration about putting the lead tape on the sweet spotter with the rubber bands? I saw it once and now can’t find it.

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