The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.

What's Being Said About this Cutting-Edge Tennis Instruction / Training Device

Official WTA Orthopedic Surgeon Gives Review

"I am an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and shoulder injuries. I am also an avid tennis player-I started using the sweet spotter about 3 weeks ago, not only has it been fantastic for my game, I think it will be fantastic for my patients. I have worked with many professional athletes in my practice and one of the hardest tasks has been to incorporate functional strengthening that utilizes the whole kinetic chain. The sweet spotter is an excellent tool that can help the patient strengthen and use the kinetic chain. The sweet spotter should also help prevent reoccurrence of injury by improving technique. We are using the sweet spotter for rehabilitation and will keep you posted of our athletes progress."

Dr. Erin Boynton, Roger's Cup

Sweet Spotter in the News

Guts & Glory Tennis: Sweetness
Guts and Glory Tennis

"...shock from off-center hits will be greatly reduced/eliminated. Eliminating shock, in most instances, will be a cure for those who are prone to arm/elbow discomfort."
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TennisHead: Spot On

"...Designed to make players focus on their point of contact with the ball and reconnect with the perfect swing – all while working out the muscle movements that are so difficult to replicate away from the court."
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Germany's Tennis Magazin - Full Spread
Tennis Magazin

"My conclusion: The Sweet Spotter can work even for advanced players as a refresher for rusty fundamentals. I'm personally looking forward to using it to work on my serve. John Isner, here I come!"
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"The moment you start hitting with the Sweet Spotter, you immediately notice that if your technique is off in slightest—you’re reaching too far for a ball, the swing is lazy, or your posture is compromised..."
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Washington Post: Holton-Arms’ Lilly Lynham uses ‘secret weapon’
Washington Post

"Yann Auzoux has high aspirations for sophomore Lilly Lynham, a player whose national profile is on the rise and a prized prospect who Auzoux believes can play in the U.S. Open in two or three years."
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Real Testimonials

Featured Articles
So I have used the sweet spotter for 8 days in a row… About 30 to 40 minutes per session. The biggest improvements are in my serve and overhead.  I’m hitting a way larger percentage of first serves in, because I can get more spin on the ball… I played in a 5.0 doubles match, and a guy asked when I was going to miss a first serve… I am thrilled with the results so far.
I got a basket of the over-sized low pressure Wilson training balls and just self fed then served for an hour. The result when I use my racquet as nothing short of amazing tons of spin and extra power! Because of the low pressure you really have to work on the sweet spot sweet track the result is 10-15 percent increase in ball speed and the slice is like a number 3 surgeon's blade- extra sharp!
Hall of Fame
The Sweet Spotter was spotted at the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island and was a hit with the members. Check out the pics!

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I am an ex-right handed player who has gone left handed. In learning this I found one major difficulty was judging the proper distance from the ball, especially for the back hand. Hitting with the Sweet Spotter has helped me know the exact spot I want the ball. I really love hitting with the Sweet Spotter against the ball machine. Challenging but oh so much fun!
My son Casey won the 16's at our Intermountain Sectional tournament in Las Vegas last week. He was seeded 3rd and beat the 9th, 8th, 5th, and 2nd seeds. He miss hit fewer balls than ever and credits his SS practice. He really thinks it has made a big difference in his concentration level.
Just wanted to thank you again enjoying training with it actually hit 7 serves in a row in with it the other night that was very cool. My forehand accuracy and my balance has gone up at least 20-30 percent and serve speed at least 20 miles an hour.
Marton Fucsovics, 2009 US Open junior boys doubles champion and 2010 Wimbledon boys singles champion stopped by DC to show us his incredible skills that are certain to take him to the top. Watch him use the Sweet Spotter to increase his power and hand-eye-body coordination.

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I think it's amazing man- I think it's a genius idea. Especially for those guys, you know, who don't have the transfer, the drive. On the backhand and on the forehand. The weight is a little bit towards the head, so it forces them to follow through as well. It's amazing.

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I have also noticed that my elbow and wrist contribution to the swing have become more controlled and level with less movement in the stroke. It has definitely resulted in better control, power and the ability to put more “English” on returns.

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I received my Sweet Spotter in the mail today. I went out to the courts to try it out right away and noticed an improvement in my serve after only two baskets of balls. This device is great!

Sweet Spotter User Marton Warms Up Djokovic at the Masters

If a 10 Year Old Can Do It, You Can Too!


Most players have only heard of one sweet spot- the conventional sweet spot on the racket head. In reality, there are FIVE sweet spots- and they all need to be mastered in order to hit the best shot possible.

Cutting-Edge Tennis Instruction

This is the softball-size zone on your racket head traditionally known as the "sweet spot" that should make contact with the ball for the best shot possible.

Training Device

The ideal posture your body should hold when hitting the ball for optimal performance.

Best Tennis Instruction

The ideal location where your body transfers the most compact rotational energy into the ball.

Improve Fast

The premium area where your swing delivers the largest amount of kinetic energy to your ball.

Sweet Spotter

The smoothest swing pattern and the most effective trajectory your racket must travel to deliver the perfect hit.

Master your swing in just 15 minutes. Perfect the serve in 30.

Why Sweet Spotter?

The Sweet Spotter is the first device of its kind and will force you to strike balls using:
  • Flawless Form
  • Optimum Strike Zone
  • Proper Posture
  • Precise Point of Contact
  • Full Follow-Through
It will intuitively train these 5 vital components in your game until they become automatic and habitual. This tennis instruction device is the perfect tool for enthusiasts who are serious about taking their game to new heights. It will develop the soundest technique possible and activate the necessary muscle sequence for ideal hand-eye-body coordination. The hollow tubing is designed so a clean hit in the bat’s sweet spot results in a distinct sound. The Sweet Spotter comes in two adult versions and two kid versions.

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Explore the Benefits

  • The Sweet Spotter® is an Eye-Opener
    The Sweet Spotter® is an Eye-Opener
    After thousands of hours testing the Sweet Spotter® with dozens of tennis players ranging from the beginner to the semi-pro level, they all said roughly the same thing: “WHAT AN EYE-OPENER! I NEVER KNEW!” Beginners and college-level athletes alike were...
  • Ultimate Sweet Spot Booster
    Ultimate Sweet Spot Booster
    Despite what marketers may tell you, the sweet spot is SMALL. It isn’t easy to hit that softball sized spot on your racket every single time. To find your sweet spot and master it consistently means practicing in the O-zone...
  • Technique Enhancer
    Technique Enhancer
    The perfect tennis swing is a unique extended rotational and linear accelerated curvy motion. Until the advent of the Sweet Spotter® it was impossible to replicate and correct simultaneously in a fully accelerated motion. You either had to swing without...
  • Racket Head Accelerator
    Racket Head Accelerator
    As you improve, you want to swing faster and harder to generate ever-increasing racket head speed. Unfortunately this can exacerbate bad practices and lead to injury if your technique is not sound. There was no device on the market that...
  • Power Builder
    Power Builder
    The Sweet Spotter® is slightly heavier than a standard tennis racket. It is just heavy enough to challenge and engage all your power-producing muscles! As you continue to build strength through repetition, you will generate incredible amounts of power you...
  • Strength Developer
    Strength Developer
    Strength and power go hand in hand – each one reinforces the other. Building strength requires performing repetitions with a high weight load to challenge muscles to reinforce their base bulk and prepare for strenuous activity. The Sweet Spotter® uniquely...
  • Footwork Adjuster
    Footwork Adjuster
    Concentrating on the O-zone brings an added bonus: your footwork begins to adjust to place your body in the Ultimate Sweet Spot position every time you make contact. During game play, footwork tends to get sloppy as we let today’s...
  • Injury Preventer
    Injury Preventer
    Developing your tennis game while remaining free of injury requires a smooth swing and consistent Ultimate Sweet Spot contact where vibrations and inflammatory repetitions are minimized. Tennis is an intensely repetitive and stressful activity that puts a lot of pressure...
  • Precision Producer
    Precision Producer
    Tennis is like a game of chess. You need a perfect blend of power, speed and precision to be a master.  Top tennis players are like world-class surgeons, grazing lines to fit winning shots within millimeter margins. The best players...
  • Depth Perception Magnifier
    Depth Perception Magnifier
    Depth perception during play is one of the hardest skills to master. Very few players ever get comfortable measuring balls’ trajectories before making contact. The majority of tennis enthusiasts remain behind the baseline to make contact, with the ball missing...
  • All Level Performers
    All Level Performers
    The Sweet Spotter® was designed to enhance tennis for all players, at all levels. The Sweet Spotter® is right for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum! Tots: John is seven years old with a slight learning disability....
  • The ONLY Tennis Aid You Will Ever Need
    The ONLY Tennis Aid You Will Ever Need
    If you ever go through a tennis aid shop, you will find devices for dozens of problems. The thing is, they each only address ONE problem. You are forced to buy dozens of products to improve your overall technique! None...
  • Great Fun & Exhilarating Enthusiasm
    Great Fun & Exhilarating Enthusiasm
    The Sweet Spotter® is so much fun to practice with because you play great every time! The exhilaration felt when you hit the ball in the O-Zone is pure joy! Once you get in the O-Zone once, you won’t want...
  • Multi-Sport Application
    Multi-Sport Application
    The Sweet Spotter® is also great for cross training! Using the Sweet Spotter® for baseball is great because you can practice your swing with tennis balls or foam balls in a safe environment. The Sweet Spotter® is family friendly so...
  • Unique Design
    Unique Design
    Our unique design mimics the exact dimensions of the universal sweet spot. Its shape is designed to help you master the Ultimate Sweet Spot and strike the ball in the O-Zone every time, reinforcing the best qualities in your swing...