The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.


Hello Tennis Lovers,

teamyannyoungI have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. For those of you who do not know me yet, my name is Yann Auzoux. I love tennis but I love to share my tennis knowledge even more. It is such a passion to me that I have spent the last 30 years competing, coaching, and empowering players to believe in themselves and experience the joy and rewards that this wonderful game has sent my way. To give you some background, I started tennis at 11 years old which is fairly late for a kid but I was very driven and became a national champion at age 12. By age 16 I was a Davis Cup player. I came to the United States to further my education and fell in love with this country; so much so that I became a citizen ten years ago. My passion for this game has blessed me with the gift of coaching and many of my pupils have reached the highest accolades in the world of tennis: at the junior, college and professional levels. More recently, I have dedicated my knowledge to an all-girl school and their record under my tenure has been historical. They are on a 4 year tear, winning both their league and their season ending championships for four years in a row. Some of my players have a 100% winning record in 4 years and in the last 8 years, we have compiled a 97% winning record as a team and there is no plan to stop there. This year, I have been picked to be one of the official tennis coaches on, the second largest tennis platform in the world. But let’s stop talking about me and talk about what I have designed for you.

tennis_comLet me preface this great invention by reassuring you that this is not my first patented invention. I am already the proud owner of a few patents, trademarks and copyrights. I studied biomedical sciences with some mechanical engineering classes at the George Washington University in Washington DC. Needless to say that numbers and technology have always mattered to me because they guarantee a predictable and replicable outcome. My experience in tennis has been that the two most important shots in the game are the serve and the return of serve because they start the game. I have found that these two shots give players the most troubles or the fiercest advantage.

If you look at the statistics in tennis, the player with the highest % of first serves, aces, and returns in ALWAYS WINS.

Let me repeat this. The player with the highest percentage of first serves, aces, and returns in always wins. This is really powerful stuff and the majority of the players spent the bulk of their time practicing their groundstrokes.

2898My coach told me once that I needed to develop a serve that would earn me two to three free points per game and after following his advice for 30 years I can attest that he was right because I made a career out of it. My serve has always been my biggest weapon. But how do you create a device that works on your form, your accuracy, your point of contact, your strength, your hand eye coordination, your timing, and last but not least your power and that is fun and affordable? I had to design a solution for it and found it in one of the most popular pieces of American Culture: Baseball. You heard it, baseball! Keep in mind I was raised in Cameroon and France where this fabulous game does not exist. In other words I never had a reason to use a bat.

The girls at the school I coach at play softball as well as tennis, which is how I was first introduced to this piece of equipment. One day one of my players came to tennis with her bat and I jokingly took it to see if I could hit a shot with it. To my surprise I did and continued to play around with it with my serve, to see if my motion was clean enough to make contact with such a thin device. You guessed it, I did. However the next day, I was a bit sore but it was not the kind of soreness that hurts; it was more the type that tells you that you worked on the right muscles. I immediately bought my own bat and put my mechanical experience to task. I built the grip to adjust to my grip size to see if it would work. I practiced with it for a week and noticed a massive difference in my point of contact, in the strength in my shoulder, the smoothness of my delivery, and the sharpness of my serving motion. I was so blown away by the results that I decided to test it out with my players.

I was blown away as they all improved in every aspect of their game with the use of this tennis device and gained in strength, accuracy, and power.
lillyI had my entire team experiment with it and what I noticed is that the players who had great serves had no problems making contact and those who had problems with the serve could not make contact with it that well. I decided to put the weak servers on a short program with the tennis bat and sure enough, within a few hours, their serve improved dramatically; so much so that their serve shifted from liability to super- reliability. I applied the same strategy with their return of serves and noticed a
50% decrease in missed returns. The results were so astonishing that I decided to test their other strokes techniques as well to see if this device would clean up the most complicated technical hurdles they all faced. I had them work on their backswing, point of contact, and follow through as well as spins and power. I was blown away as they all improved in every aspect of their game with the use of this tennis device and gained in strength, accuracy, and power.

talbert_trophyIt is at that moment that I knew I had created something big and useful for all tennis lovers including myself. I realized that I needed to practice with this device sooner rather than later to prepare for the biggest tournament in the North East region I was slated to participate in. I used the device for 8 weeks in combination with my training regimen and saw the most compelling progress of my life.
I increased my serve speed by 20 MPH and had the purest service motion of my life and the most reliable accuracy ever.

I believe that in life you must pay things forward when you have been gifted with something good and useful. It’s important to me to share this gift with all tennis players out there who are struggling with their game. We all deserve this magical device. The Sweet Spotter® was designed for all tennis lovers out there and will change your game forever.