The most revolutionary tennis device since the racket.

The Sweet Spotter® is an Eye-Opener

After thousands of hours testing the Sweet Spotter® with dozens of tennis players ranging from the beginner to the semi-pro level, they all said roughly the same thing: “WHAT AN EYE-OPENER! I NEVER KNEW!” Beginners and college-level athletes alike were so excited to experience the ULTIMATE SWEET SPOT. Testing the Sweet Spotter® was the first time for ALL players to experience the convergence of all FIVE sweet spots at once, instead of just focusing on the conventional racket head sweet spot (RHss). As players’ EYES WERE OPENED to the other four sweet spots, they were BLOWN AWAY. Using the Sweet Spotter® players experienced the powerful and effortless sensations it creates by giving you the tools to operate consistently in the O-zone.

The Sweet Spotter® will open your eyes to the spots your shot may have been missing, while simultaneously correcting your mistakes and helping to bring all aspects of your sweetest swing into the O-zone for the best result.

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